A Brief History

Jeff Williamson is sought after for business advisory work. His strengths are analysis and research.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Business degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Jeff has substantial business and management experience including research and policy development, public sector finance, public practice accounting, tax and advisory services, and audit and investigation.

Jeff began his working career as an auditor with the Australian Audit Office where he specialized in the audit of Commonwealth business undertakings such as Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank group. He then spent 5 years as a Policy Project Officer for the Commonwealth Department of Communications specializing in telecommunications financial policy.

Jeff then managed his own media production business and was involved in major projects such as launching and establishing the Australian Christian Channel, and launching Trinity Broadcasting Network’s direct-to-home satellite TV channels across Australia.

In recent years, Jeff has been engaged as a business consultant. Jeff’s experience across a number of different industries together with his experience with his own business enables him to understand the issues faced by his clients.

Jeff has substantial experience in television and video production. Programs he has produced have been broadcast on television networks in Australia and overseas.

Jeff also has been involved in programming and management for television channels.

Jeff also hosted a music program for several years on his local community radio station.

Jeff's writing experience varies from television to research projects.