My clients are an interesting group. The one common denominator is that they enjoy working with me. They appreciate the value that I add. I appreciate and value them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

One of the qualities I look for in someone who wants to work with me is whether they are interested in improving and willing to make the effort. I really cannot help someone who expects me to wave a magic wand and solve their problems. I am a business consultant. I can solve problems, but it is not instantaneous. Usually those problems took some time to be created.

Here are some people I enjoy working with:

When Peter Paisley first shared the idea of a specialist microphone for the fitness industry, I was intrigued. My experience of the fitness industry was that they always used cheap equipment. Peter was in the process of designing a sweat resistant microphone that was a great design. It costs more than any other microphone in the industry, but lasts many times longer and is superior to every competitor.
Aeromic is now sold around the world and demonstrated its qualities.
A great team of people.

Leapfrog Machinery
Howard Debney is a man who wants to do a great deal for his customers. That is why his business is the top broker for heat presses, screenprinting machinery, and printing supplies.
He has more than twenty years experience in the industry and a good reputation. He has a good group working with him.

Nick Paisley
One of the best bass players around and also has a lot of fun playing the ukulele. Nick is also closely involved in Aeromic. I have known and worked with Nick for more than thirty years.

A fun rock band featuring Nick Paisley and Brian White. I was involved in starting this band and had the privilege of managing the band for a number of years. Since I stopped being the manager, they have gone on to national television appearances and several tours to Europe (not because I was no longer their manager). Of course, I have had the opportunity to do lots of fun things with Mainstreet.

The Agape Fellowship of Churches and Ministers in Australia. A great group of people led by Jim Newton, who are determined to do good for people where ever they go in this world.

Broadband Media
Garth Penglase knows a lot about putting webpages together. He got me started in looking closely at web business. Now I help people with web businesses and get to run several businesses of my own, including: - providing domain names and online resources - Christian books, music and videos